Gender: Female
Age: 53
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Delhi
Friends and Family
Surinder Uncle
Tony (son)
Members of her Ladies Club
Love interests:
Jattar Singh
Pets: Billi Butterfly
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
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Portrayed by:
Roli Surinder or Roli Aunty is a 53 year old woman who is acted by Sulekshna. She is the Singhs' strict and overprotective neighbour. In the episode "The Curious Case of Mr. Surinder", she was mistakenly accused of killing her husband, though she actually did not. In the episode "Billi Butterfly" it is mentioned that Roli Aunty and her sisters were born in in 1958 and she has a cat named Butterfly. She wanted the Singhs' tree cut down which housed Rohan and Dolly's tree house, but the family fought back. It is revealed that Roli Aunty is one of quintuplets (having four other sisters, all played by Sulekshna via split screen). Roli Aunty is often suspicious of Sunny, because she knows that he enjoys trouble. She is often antagonistic towards the Singhs; Sunny especially.